Create Engagement
and Trust

Workshop situation, hands in laps
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Embodiment practice lets us register and decipher the variety of information we receive from ourselves and others and to creatively and constructively respond.

We can tune in and shift from a reactive mode into a creative state of curiosity by increasing our awareness, expanding our range of options and emphasizing individual choice.

We can do this in different formats.

Leadership Training

Creative leaders are committed to learning, growth and development. In one-on-one and/or small group training executives and leaders will gain practical tools to increase awareness of self and others, grow resilience, set clear boundaries, access embodied intuition and remain grounded and confident in challenging situations. Over time regular embodiment practice opens the door to new resources of clarity, creative thinking and connection with your team.

Team Development

Teams need fresh input and an environment in which they can continuously learn, grow and contribute. In tailor-made workshops we offer learning experiences that will energize, activate and connect the members of your team. With emphasis on increasing awareness, expanding your range of options and connecting on a human level, each team member will grow personally as well as get to know fellow team members in new ways. We all know that a strong and connected team can achieve much more than any one individual alone.

Supporting Consultants,
Trainers and Coaches

Embodiment training can complement more traditional coaching and consulting methods in surprising ways. The addition of simple embodiment practices makes participants more awake, aware and engaged, and able to concentrate longer. By translating theory into direct physical experience, embodiment allows consultants, trainers and coaches to deepen the level of learning and insight of their participants. This is especially applicable during change processes and times of uncertainty.

*All three formats are available in person and online.