Who we are

Together With Us

We’re Emily Poel and Erik Winter, co-founders of Embodiment at Work.

Together with our regular collaborators, we guide executives and teams in custom-made workshop formats in person and online.

Our approach incorporates a selective mixture of awareness and thinking practices, bodywork and breathing methods, movement training and martial arts principles all adapted to meet your specific needs.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many fantastic clients over the years.

We also accompany consultants on all kinds of different projects, using embodiment tools to add new layers of depth, insight and sustainability to change processes.

We live in Berlin and work fluently in English and German.

Emily Poel and Erik Winter
Image © Simone D. Fachel

Emily Poel

Portrait Emily Poel of Embodiment at Work
Image © Gerngross Glowinski Fotografen

I’ve been teaching embodiment in Berlin for over fifteen years.

Originally from Michigan and with a degree in contemporary dance performance and history, I’ve worked in Berlin and internationally as a performer, choreographer and creative advisor. In 2004 I shifted my focus to embodiment training and haven’t stopped since.

Seeing the need for fresh and continuous exploration of embodiment principles in daily life, over the last ten years I’ve taught and developed a huge collection of workshops and courses using physical awareness tools and movement training to improve creativity, learning and thinking processes.

Erik Winter

Portrait Erik Winter of Embodiment at Work
Image © Gerngross Glowinski Fotografen

I’m a naturopath in the field of psychology bringing over ten years of direct experience working with clients. Through learning and teaching embodiment skills and practicing martial arts such as boxing, Aikido and Wing Tai for more than twenty years, I’ve gained knowledge about the interplay between body and mind from many different angles and sources, both in Germany and internationally.

This background has allowed me to develop a unique and powerful approach to bringing embodiment practice to companies, managers and teams.

Portrait Erik Winter of Embodiment at Work
Image © Gerngross Glowinski Fotografen


Sandra Niederer and Helmut Hell are managing directors of BeOrg, a consulting company devoted to organizational development and guiding teams and executives through change processes and conflict resolution. Experts in shaping organisational culture, Sandra and Helmut understand the importance of combining analytics with emotional intelligence. Embodiment at Work is privileged to collaborate with Sandra and Helmut in different capacities on a regular basis.

Dr. Kerstin Lücker, author and editor, regularly contributes to Embodiment at Work in the form of written material, guest lectures and co-teaching workshops. A writer and author of various books, including a world history for young readers (Kein & Aber, 2017, Engl. A History of the World with the Women Put Back In, London 2019), Kerstin is a hugely beneficial resource and thinking partner in making the theory of embodiment clear and accessible to new audiences.

Bernhard Bockelbrink regularly advises Embodiment at Work in in all things organizational. Co-founder and co-developer of Sociocracy 3.0. With over 20 years of experience, he’s an expert in the field of organizational development. His expertise and commitment to creating cultures of self-organization, distributed leadership and effective collaboration are an invaluable contribution to Embodiment at Work.