We Activate and Energize

Emily Poel in front of workshop presentation
Image © Gerngross Glowinski Fotografen

Embodiment creates focused awareness, engagement, self-confidence and team trust.

Scientific research in the field of embodied cognition overwhelmingly confirms that our minds and bodies aren’t separate.

Our thoughts, feelings and physicality form a dynamic whole.

Understanding and exploring this interplay of body and mind opens up new worlds of possibilities, and new resources of resilience.

For you and your team.

People are Wired to Connect

Workshop situation, conversation between three people
Image © Simone. D. Fachel

Absorbed in daily work with an uncertain future ahead, we tend to naturally enter our own self-protective tunnel.

In the tunnel we lose connection – to our bodies in the moment, to ourselves and our needs, and to each other.

Over time we experience a loss of vitality and flexibility that translates into lost resources – lost resources of time, energy, productivity, and physical and mental resilience.

Because we are social creatures, wired to connect with each other for survival, this disconnect has huge consequences for our health, relationships and creativity.

Especially at work.

Empowered Teams

Embodiment at Work helps you protect, recover and develop your most valuable resource – your ability to connect as a team.

What is perceived as stressful or threatening can shut us down or bring us together. Challenges can be transformed into opportunities for creative growth and connection.

All it takes is practice.