Basic Workshop

Getting started with Embodiment at Work.

  • 1,5 Hours
  • Virtual or On-Site
  • 100+ Participants

What to expect:
1. An interplay of theoretical background and simple physical exercises to increase body and spatial awareness
2. Short periods of self-reflection to keep track of your individual experience
3. Shared thinking process and discussion about how embodiment tools can be directly applied to your unique work situation

Perfect for: professional learning and development, wellbeing at work, team strengthening, creative thinking, new work

Pricing: upon request

What we mean by "embodiment"

Our approach is grounded in the simple fact that as humans our intelligence is embodied, embedded in context, enacted through movement and extended through tools (4E cognition).

Recent findings in a multitude of fields including cognitive science, neuroscience, biology and AI clearly confirm that our thinking and how we perceive the world are physical and fully embodied. Physical movement – facial expressions, gestures, body tension, sensations – and interaction with our environment shape our thinking, awareness and perception.

Embodiment practice is like learning a language or playing a musical instrument. After a certain amount of practice a phase shift happens and the learning becomes implicit and natural. 

This is what we’re going for.

Get to know us and our approach

Start with a 1-hour impulse workshop or dive in with a longer 4-6 week course. If your team would like ongoing weekly support for a period of time or regular monthly workshops, we can do that, too. Our products can be easily and creatively tailored to suit the needs of your team, organization or event.

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