Home Office Parcours

A quick and easy way to get to know us and our approach.

  • 1 Hour
  • Virtual Workshop
  • 1-100+ Participants

You and your team will:
Insert breathing & movement into your remote working day
2. Relax and become more clearer in your thinking and actions
3. Get simple exercises to work (and play) with moving forward

Perfect for: energy, focus, wellbeing, stress management

Pricing: upon request

Supporting Remote and Hybrid Work

These four meetings address four of the most challenging aspects of remote and hybrid work from an embodied point of view.

  • 4 x 45 Minutes
  • Virtual Workshop
  • 1-30 Participants

You and your team will:
1. Work directly with your computer position as a counterpoint to long hours of screen time
2. Learn new options for getting the most out of your breaks
3. Understand and experience the important benefits of (re)connecting with colleagues
4. Benefit from the compound effect as you install new habits during working hours

Perfect for: resilience, tackling hybrid work, team building, healthy boundaries

Pricing: upon request

Concentration is Physical

Too many hours in front of screens negatively influences our ability to concentrate. These four meetings will give you practical tools to reclaim your attention and improve concentration.

  • 6 x 45 Minutes
  • Virtual Workshop
  • 1-30 Participants

You and your team will:

1. Learn to focus with less effort and physical tension
2. Get a series of practical exercises to bring you back to your body as the starting point for directing your attention
3. Practice approaching work-related tasks like email and meetings relaxed and with a high level of energy
4. Get tips and strategies for managing your energy and concentration levels throughout your working day
5. Build a regular embodiment practice specifically designed to improve concentration

Perfect for: improving focus, cultivating calmness under pressure, handling information overload

Pricing: upon request

Get to know us and our approach

All activities are fully customizable. Start with a Basic Workshop or Home Office Parcours then continue with a 4, 8 or 12-week course to deepen your learning. If your team prefers a monthly impulse workshop or refresher on a certain topic, we can do that, too. We find a three-month learning process to be ideal.

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