Thinking doesn’t happen in our heads.It happens in our whole bodies, in space and through interaction with others, including the topic we’re thinking about. By moving ourselves and our ideas we can actively rearrange our cognitive landscape, perceive new things and find solutions that weren’t apparent before.Embodied Thinking offers a dynamic and interactive combination of strengthening individual cognition through embodied practice and benefiting from the distributed cognition of group exchange. It’s also fun, interesting and the results are often surprising.

Embodied Thinking Lab

This format is available for companies, organizations, think tanks, managers and teams interested in exploring new approaches to problem-solving. This format is grounded in the fact that our intelligence is embodied, embedded in context, enacted through movement and extended through tools (4E cognition). Each lab is focused on a topic of your choice and includes a variety of physical exercises, writing tasks and group exchange.

  • 4-6 Hours
  • On-Site
  • 1-20 Participants

What to expect:
1. Setting up a clear definition of the topic you and your team would like to think about
2. Simple exercises to increase body and spatial awareness
3. A series of different tasks over the course of a few hours, including writing, physical exercises and group exchange
4. Self and group reflection on your experiences in thinking from an embodied point of view
5. Discussion, closing and next steps relating to your topic

Perfect for: creative problem-solving, group thinking process, embodied intelligence, innovation

Pricing: upon request

Move Your Thinking - Impulse Workshop 

Available for companies, organizations, conferences and large-scale events across the professional spectrum. Tailored to fit the objectives of your event, each Impulse Workshop will explain and demonstrate the importance of physical intelligence in approaching the complex challenges of today’s fast-changing and digital world.

  • 1,5 Hours
  • Virtual or On-Site
  • 1-100 Participants

What to expect:
A dynamic and interactive 1.5-hour presentation
2. Keynote format with slides
3. Mix of theoretical background with easygoing audience participation
4. Energizing and inspiring

Perfect for: thinking out of the box, inspiration, boosting your event, professional development

Pricing: upon request

Get to know us and our approach

Start with a 1-hour impulse workshop or dive in with a longer 4-6 week course. If your team would like ongoing weekly support for a period of time or regular monthly workshops, we can do that, too. Our products can be easily and creatively tailored to suit the needs of your team, organization or event.

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