Mai 2023

Joining Hacker School's On-site Leadership Retreat at Blomstergården

In May Emily had the pleasure of joining the Hacker School leadership team and Jan Bathel from ignore gravity at the amazing Blomstergården for a leadership offsite retreat to support their scaling process. It was a great reminder (again) that setting matters, and that taking the time to slow down, tune in, think together – with the team, with their goals and challenges, with embodied experiences and the nature around us – is invaluable and deeply healthy. For work and leadership relationships that are primarily digital, even more essential. We definitely look forward  to future collaborations with ignore gravity and visiting Blomstergården more often!

April 2023

Embodiment at Innsbrucker Gespräche 2023

This was a highlight! Erik`s keynote and accompanying workshop ate the Innsbrucker Gespräche were very well-received. Key takeaways: 1. School leaders work hard. 2. Sharing experience is crucial and it doesn`t always happen enough. 3. Where you are matters: changes of location and company bring new perspectives. 4. How you are matters: thongs like breathing, moving and increased awareness can be game changers. Leadership everywhere needs new perspectives, let`s keep adding more embodiment to the field of education.

March 2023

Embodiment in Education: Preparations for Innsbrücker Gespräche 2023

Last year’s Rechtenthaler Gespräche have led to this year’s Innsbrücker Gespräche, where Erik will give a keynote and impulse workshop to 90+ educators, administrators and policy makers from South Tirol, Bavaria and Innsbrück at the end of April on the topic of “Dancing with Limitations.” Once again, the organizing team is very open to including an embodied approach and the preparation process has been highly co-creative so far with new ideas coming from all sides. Curious to see what this year will bring! 

February 2023

Adding Embodied Awareness to Transactional Analysis with LET

It’s always a pleasure to contribute to the Les Enfant Terribles program to become a New Work Professional, and this year was no exception. In a workshop module developed with Franziska Krüger and with the support of Marion King in real time, we explored combining embodied awareness exercises with different aspects of Transactional Analysis. The speed and depth of insight were truly impressive and there is clearly much more to explore. Looking forward to more of this type of collaboration, as well as diving into more TA!

January 2023

Moving the Crisis” with Prof. Dr. Bettina Borisch, DIFGL &

This was a fun and interesting collaboration with Prof. Dr. Bettina Borisch, Executive Director of the World Federation of Public Health organized by in January. Bettina brought up the origins of the word “crisis” and how we usually relate to the term, and proposed a new way thinking about it going forward, which we then brought into physical practice in the second part of the workshop. It was also a nice moment for the founders and the Deutsches Institut for Gutes Leben team to come together.

December 2022

Workshops as Part of the “Bodies in Trouble” Exhibition at Haus Kunst Mitte

On November 24th we had our first shared workshop offered by the Cardiocracy Collective in collaboration with curator Dr. Anna Havemann of Haus Kunst Mitte in Berlin. We explored interacting with the artworks, artists and each other as viewers in new ways. Moving through the exhibition with specific tasks, using writing and embodiment exercises as tools and comparing notes along the way, it was a lively evening with many new insights. A number of London artists in the exhibition also contributed by video. Stay tuned for our second round coming up on Thursday, January 12th from 6-8pm. Email: to register.

November 2022

Wednesday Web Jam “Playing with Our Natural Environment” with Colin Skelton

This was a great first collaboration with Colin Skelton from Move Your Thinking in South Africa. We met Colin in an online workshop last January and have been in touch about ideas for collaboration ever since. This workshop focused on tuning in to the natural world around us as a source of inspiration for new perceptions and innovation in creative work. Our goal was to actively expand our perception to include the natural elements around us that we’re in constant interaction with. We were successful and it was also a lot of fun! Stay tuned for more…

Oktober 2022

Embodiment & New Work at GETT (Gut Enfant Terribles Tag)

As expected, the Good Enfants Terribles Day in September was both fun and truly inspiring. Emily had a great time getting to know more of the amazing and creative Les Enfant Terribles community (LET). Along with embodiment training throughout the day, there was a great talk given by Joana Breidenbach, many surprising speed dating interactions, a highly interesting philosophical discussion (aka Filtertalk) and great musical input to close the day from Carole Martiné. For those interested in a highly creative and community-oriented approach to New Work, keep an eye on Les Enfants Terribles.

September 2022

Embodiment Online at the Circular Futures Festival

At Embodiment at Work it goes without saying that we greatly enjoy being a part of meaningful events. In September we had the pleasure of contributing to the digital part of the Circular Futures Festival organized and hosted by Project Together. Erik provided hundreds of online participants with a short introduction to 4E cognition and how to use simple physical movement as a regenerative break to boost energy, cognitive function and connection. Once again one of our favorite tools OMG (Orient /Move/Ground) supported everyone’s ability to refresh their thinking and continue to work creatively and collaboratively on the topic of circular economy.

Credit: Heart painted by Tracy Beeler

August 2022

Introducing the Cardiocracy Collective

The Cardiocracy Collective is a new collaboration between visual artist Rebecca Raue, author and philosopher Dr. Kerstin Lücker and embodiment trainer Emily Poel that focuses on exploring right relationship through the different lenses of Body, Art and Thought. Cardiocracy is a term coined by Rebecca Raue in 2017 while thinking about sustainable forms of society. Translated from Greek, cardiocracy means „rule of hearts.“ Our first workshops exploring these themes will take place as part of the exhibition “Bodies in Trouble” in Haus Kunst Mitte in November and December. Stay tuned for more info…

July 2022

Bodytalk & Insight Lab with Prof. Hermann Klöckner: Human Nature & Artificial Intelligence - A Discourse

Last month we had our final Body Talk & Insight Lab of our Post-Corona Re-Start Series with special guest Prof. Hermann Klöckner. It was a fascinating deep-dive into the topic of human evolution and what our current habits of embodiment mean for our cognitive abilities. New possibilities were explored in Hermann’s talk and in the Insight Lab with Emily, and a lively discussion closed the evening.  It was a great completion of our series, ending with both questions and creative ideas about how we can respond as bodies to the global challenges we currently face.

June 2022

Supporting Young, International Teams at Decagames

We’re very happy with our ongoing embodiment training at Decagames. A fast-growing and international gaming company with smart young people from all over the world, plus open-minded and forward-thinking management continues to be a great match, both during the pandemic and beyond.

May 2022

OMG with ProjectTogether

Recently Erik gave an online mini-workshop for ProjectTogether to a very open and enthusiastic team. Once again OMG (Orient/Move/Ground) from Steve Haines was very well-received. It’s an effective and simple embodiment tool for self-regulation and stress management during working hours, even if the work stress is positive! We’re glad the participants enjoyed the training and were able to take something for their working day. 

Cheers to modern and sustainable work! Learn more about ProjectTogether here.

April 2022

10te Rechtentaler Gespräche - Was haben Denken und Lernen mit dem Körper zu tun?

In April Emily had the pleasure of traveling to Sud Tirol to present on the topic of embodied cognition and then actually doing embodiment practice live with over 80 school directors (plus 60 online!) at the 10th anniversary of the 10te Rechtenthaler Gespräche.  It was a hybrid event with an inspiring program, including Professor Hans Anand Pant from the Humboldt University in Berlin and Boris Gloger and Anna Czerny presenting on how an agile approach can be brought into the education system in their program Scrum4Schools. Over the 1.5 days we looked at what interoception has to do with self-regulation and why it’s so important to thinking and learning. Let’s get more embodiment into education!

April 2022

Skills For Peace - OMG with David Bloom

We had a very special embodiment evening on Monday, April 25th in collaboration with musician and choreographer David Bloom, organized by Deutsches Institut für Gutes Leben as part of the exhibition Points of Resistance IV: SKILLS FOR PEACE. It was a great opportunity to combine embodied awareness with the experience of a historical space and a powerful exhibition. Skills for Peace will be the final exhibition in Berlin’s historic Zionskirche before the church closes for several years of renovations. For more information about the program:

March 2022

Embodiment For New Work Facilitators

This was a great collaboration with New Work facilitators Franziska Krüger and Gerhild Vollherbst as part of Les Enfants Terribles Master Class in Collaboration Design in early March 2022. For many of us it was our first live workshop in a long time, and we had a blast.

February 2022

OMG - Orient, Move, Ground - Embodiment Tool from Steve Haines

In October 2021 we had the pleasure of inviting Steve Haines to be our BodyTalk & Insight Lab #3 guest on the topic of slow touch. Steve has a great body of work (no pun intended) that includes the Really Strange Comic Series that we regularly recommend to our clients. OMG is taken from the comic Trauma is Really Strange and we’ve been using it regularly over the past months – for instance at a demo for International Womens’ Day, in the Zionskirche and in many of our online workshops. For more on Steve’s great collection of work, check out:

February 2022

Continuing Collaboration with DIFGL

After successfully launching the series Post-Corona Re-Start: Body Talks & Insight Labs with Dr. Kerstin Lücker, Katja Anclam and Christoph Henseler in August of 2021, it’s clear that there’s more to do. We’re very happy to announce Emily’s new position as head of difgl’s department for Embodiment & New Work starting in March 2022. 

For more about Deutsches Institut für Gutes Leben and it’s projects and members, check out:

January 2022

Ongoing Exchange with Prof. Guy Claxton, author of Intelligence in the Flesh: Why Your Mind Needs Your Body More Than It Thinks

One of the best surprises that has emerged from our Body Talks & Insight Labs project is an ongoing and wide-ranging exchange with Prof. Guy Claxton on all things related to intelligence, embodied cognition and learning. Guy was our online guest in November of 2021 and we’ve been in touch ever since. From his upcoming new book on intelligence to Emily’s growing interest in education, there’s never a lack of things to discuss. On the contrary! Stay tuned for interesting things to come. For more about Guy and his work check out:

November 2021

Introducing our Home Office Parcours!

This 1-hour workshop was one of our responses to the increase in Home Office time during periods of lockdown and it’s become one of our favorite workshops to give. It’s amazing what movement and spatial awareness can do in terms of feeling and thinking better in Home Office, ourselves included! If you’re interested in booking a Home Office Parcours for your team or organization, get in touch! Write us at

August 2021

New Project: Post-Corona Re-Start: Body Talks & Insight Labs

We’re very happy to introduce a new monthly online project we have running with difgl (Deutsches Institut für Gutes Leben) called Post-Corona Re-Start: Body Talks & Insight Labs. Every month we’ll invite a special guest from a different field to speak on an embodiment-related topic and then explore that input through physical exercises and discussion. Our goal is to use embodiment practice to think differently and find new approaches to existing societal problems. We have an impressive line-up of guests ahead. Join us online!