Frequently Asked Questions

  • A basic introduction and brief scientific information on the topic of the meeting     
  • Different physical and breathing exercises (can be done with camera on or off)
  • Time to experience the effects of the exercises
  • Writing tasks and small group exchange
  • Summary, feedback and recommended next steps
  • Printable worksheets, summaries and tracking guides

Of course. Sometimes we might ask you if it’s ok to say hello or goodbye with audio or video, and if you’re in a break-out room with colleagues it’s always nicer to have it on.

No, but we do recommend comfortable clothes that allow you to move and no high heels.

No, you don’t need a yoga mat.

No, every level of physical ability is welcome. We encourage and remind you to adapt each exercise as it fits for you.

Yes, of course. You’ll just need a space where it’s possible to move freely and where you feel comfortable.

That depends on your company’s recording policy. 

Yes, our Digital Wellbeing activities are designed to be done online. Our Embodied Thinking Labs and impulse workshops can be done both on-site and virtually.

You can book an impulse workshop any time you need a lively and thought-provoking professional development activity. It’s a great introduction to the topic of embodied cognition and gaining physical thinking and embodiment skills.

You can take any complex problem, challenge or work project that you would like to move forward or gain new perspectives on as a group. The main issue will be to clearly define the topic at the beginning of the lab. It should be something that everyone involved in the lab would like to think about. The labs are also a great team building and professional development activity.

Yes, we can tailor our material to both of those formats and the topic(s) of your choice.

Yes, we have clients from all over the world. That said, some time zones are easier than others!

Yes, we do work one-on-one, both virtually and on-site. Send us an email if you’d like to learn more.